About the VAC

The Voice Acting Club (VAC) is an online community with a simple mission: to create a central space for voice actors and content creators to connect and get their needs met---whether it’s connecting voice talent with project developers, educating and mentoring aspiring talent, or simply having a place for like-minded people to discuss and hang out.

The VAC forums originally existed from 2005-2010 as a simple means of connecting Flash animators with online voice talent. Around Christmas of 2016, it was rebooted as a brand-new community---made to address the needs of both the growing online creative community as well as voice actors around the world. With the launch of our Discord server in 2017, our community quickly grew to over 5,000 members. Today, the VAC serves as a central online community for voice actors of all levels, from hobbyist to professional. We aim to provide all-inclusive resources such as tutorials, auditions, social events, and discussion on everything from audio equipment to acting technique to career advice.


The Voice Acting Club forums are home to auditions for a variety of projects---from indie games to YouTube videos to narration and more. We also have a large resource of helpful guides and articles that encompass everything from acting technique to setting up your home studio space to having a professional mindset when it comes to auditions.


Our Discord server is the place where members of our community gather daily to chat about the voice acting field, ask for audio gear recommendations, post demos and casting calls, or just hang out. If you have a question that requires a timely response, our Discord is active most hours of the day across various time zones.

Please read the rules upon joining!

Indie Rate Guide

The indie rate guide is an ongoing collaborative project created by VAC Community Members in an effort to increase transparency regarding pay rates for lower-budget online projects. Many indie casting calls urge actors to "send your rates" which can result in large and unfair discrepancies between talent. While excellent rate guides already exist for industry standard projects, this guide is also meant to aid small-time content creators in coming up with fair base rates to pay their talent even if they don't have a large budget.